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The World of Leyborn


In the whispers of primordial silence, when the cosmos were naught but a canvas awaiting the stroke of creation, there existed the Genesis Lake—a shimmering abyss of unfathomable energy. From its depths flowed the essence of life, a pulsating current that traversed the Hollowcrux Root—a singular tether binding together the three realms of existence.


Atop this cosmic triad loomed Bastion, the realm of the godfolk, where titanic powers wove the fabric of reality with threads of celestial might.


Below, the Gravelands sprawled—a desolate expanse where gods once found their final rest. Yet, long ago, Ashathrux, a being of forgotten legend, infused this barren wasteland with the breath of life. Defeated in an epoch-shaking battle by the hand of the goddess Gwyn, Ashathrux's legacy endured, and the Gravelands bloomed under her enigmatic rule.


But beyond the veils of light and the whispers of life lay the enigmatic Void—a realm cloaked in darkness, whispered to be the haunt of the most sinister fiends. Its secrets lay hidden, known only to those who dared to tread its shadowed paths.


In the heart of this cosmic dance, the Runewarden emerged—a Conduit of ancient lineage, heir to Ashathrux's unfathomable power. With a primal understanding of the Leylines that surged through the realms from the Hollowcrux Root, the Runewarden bestowed upon a select few chosen souls the mantle of Conduit. Through their connections to the Ley, they harnessed the raw energies of creation, wielding supernatural abilities that defied mortal understanding.


And so, the grand tapestry of existence unfurled—a symphony of divine will and mortal ambition, woven with threads of cosmic energy from the Genesis Lake, channeled through the Hollowcrux Root. A saga of gods and mortals, secrets and shadows, whispered across the ages—a testament to the enduring legacy of those who dared to grasp the threads of fate itself.

First 6 Chapters of Leyborn: Those Who Walk Leylines

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