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Welcome to the Gravelands

In Leyborn, mystical energies clash as two pairs of powerful mages called Conduits engage in deadly battles, wielding devastating spells to shape the battlefield. Armed with arcane curios and commanding fearsome summoned units, survival hinges on cunning strategy and magical prowess.



Using Leyborn's groundbreaking casting system, every card has value no matter when it is drawn.



All art was painted by the talented Morwen Cloastre, ensuring a consistent style and high quality among all 270+ cards.



With 600 combinations of Conduit decks and 100 neutral cards to choose from each game, the game stays fresh indefinitely.



Discover a world where player agency is key, and every action can change the tide of battle.

In the harsh realm of the Gravelands, survival demands mastery of the novel casting system where space and timing serve as resources instead of mana. Every card can serve as a sacrifice to call forth the Ley, giving every card value. However, nothing is free in Leyborn. Combat phases are replaced with combat-granting effects from cards such as the Eminence Ley, while cards are typically only drawn by leaving resources unused. With each decision, players engage in a battle of wits and strategy, where every move carries the weight of survival in this unforgiving landscape.

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